Rock Wall Workshop


The community is invited to take part in a special opportunity to learn.  Thanks to funding from Heritage Legacy and the SLRD, BRVCA has engaged the services of professional stone mason Paul Coyle, who will lead a rock wall restoration workshop at the Haylmore Heritage Site.  Paul is a part-time Gun Laker with an interest in helping the community.  

Workshop participants will have the opportunity to work with him for hands on training, to gain knowledge of best practices, and how to work in a smart, safe manner.  To preserve the heritage values of the Haylmore site, the same techniques will be used as originally, and the same rocks.  Participants will gain the knowledge to maintain the walls after restoration.  Don’t miss this opportunity to gain skills and knowledge to help carry an important community asset forward into the future, and enhance your landscaping projects at home.

WHEN:  Saturday 23rd June and Sunday 24th June

WHERE:  Haylmore Heritage Site, Gold Bridge

WHAT TO BRING:  shovels, picks, hand rakes, trowels, boots (steel toe is best), wheelbarrows, string line, and gloves.  Extra string line and trowels will be on hand.  

Light refreshments will be provided.

Please RSVP to confirm attendance, either by phone at 250-238-2534, or by email to


Historic Haylmore Rock Walls


Haylmore Rock Walls today

Work needed to be done on Haylmore walls

Work needed to be done on Haylmore walls


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