Bear Working Group

The Bear Working Group has a vision that human activity in the BRV supports healthy and sustainable populations of grizzly and black bears.
and that the BRV region sustains healthy populations of grizzly and black bears, with human activity in the region consistent with that vision.

Guiding Principles

We value biodiversity and recognize the critical role of conservation in sustaining bears in the rich and diverse ecosystems in which they occur.
We believe that bears and humans can and should co-exist safely and without significant disruption to either species.
We believe that awareness, education, and applied scientific research all contribute to the safe and non-disruptive co-existence of bears and humans.

Specific Responsibilities

Engage and advocate with businesses, governments and outside groups that have a stake or interest in bear conservation communication of information with regard to bear conservation and bear awareness and safety to businesses, governments and outside groups.
Bear Hazard mitigation through signage.
Bear safety back and front country via Bear Spray training in all formats – face to face, one-one, online, social media etc.
Contribute to local monitoring of bear populations and their response to human industrial and recreational activities, with outreach based on the results.

In 2020, in partnership with Coast to Cascades Grizzly Bear Initiative, the Bear Working Group hired a Bear Conflict Coordinator to implement recommendations in the Bear Hazard Assessment of the area done in 2019.
The activities of the coordinator included developing public awareness of residents and visitors alike on managing attractants and safe use of our area with an eye to grizzly bears.  A very successful and COVID safe bear awareness day was put on in late August and included bear spray training. 

Meeting minutes can be viewed here.

Donations to the Bear Working Group will be used for bear safety, education and training initiatives. We thank you for your donation.