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24 Feb Update

Dear BRVCA and Bralorne Pioneer Museum Society Member,

The BRVCA and Bralorne Pioneer Society Board of Directors met on Monday, February 22 for its quarterly meeting.

The BRVCA meeting started out with a huge boost with the announcement, just received that day, that the Bridge River Valley Community Association 
has been funded for $300,000 for the Conservation of the Bralorne Pioneer Mines Office Building and the Adaptive Reuse as a Museum.
The funding source is Community Economic Resiliency Infrastructure Program, the Unique Heritage Infrastructure Stream.  
The financial support of the Province of British Columbia through the Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development was gratefully acknowledged.
A strategy meeting will go ahead to determine how to approach the funding – if renovations proceed immediately or if we attempt to use this funding to leverage for the additional funding required to do all the conservation work on the building.  Much more information will be put out in public in the coming months.

Susan Medville, the Heritage Consultant who has worked on this project since its inception walked the Board through the Conservation Plan for the building.  
Read here:

A review of this year’s operational budget and last years cost centre performance was undertaken led by Michelle Nortje, the Board Treasurer.

The Bralorne Pioneer Museum Board of Directors reviewed the informal Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss statements as well as the 2021 budget for the Museum. Our financial administrator, Cara Demare, led this part of the discussion.  The Museum fared well considering the COVID 19 situation in 2020.

The BRVCA Board of Directors accepted the 37 new memberships and renewals received between Dec. 2 and Feb. 18.

The board also did an extensive review of their Access to Records Policy and Bylaw Sections.  The Society Act was updated in 2016 and includes many new provisions for inspections of records some of which include a great deal of private information.  The Society Act does make provision for Societies to restrict public access to some of the records including accounting records (general ledgers, bank statements etc) and membership lists as well as other documents.  Based on legal advice stemming from mid-2020 Society Act information requests and a late 2020 claim with the Civil Resolution Tribunal, the board made recommendations to add to their bylaws at an upcoming General or Annual General Meeting as well as circulate a DRAFT Access to Records policy to the various committees for their comments.

The next planned meeting for the BRVCA and BPM will be a quarterly meeting in late May. We want to thank our board members for their committment to the community and their thoughtfulness in their advice and working through everything related to our community and BRVCA and the Museum.

Pat Dahle

February Member Update

We just wanted to forward along a member update to keep you in the loop of what the Bralorne Pioneer Museum and the Bridge River Valley Community Association is doing.

The Annual Accomplishment Report for the Museum is complete, it is in magazine format, have a read:

If you missed BRVCA’s Annual Accomplishment Report it is here:

Now is the time to renew your membership if you have not already done so.  Your membership means a lot to us, it encourages us.  And, it also shows ministries and other “official” types that we are an organization that truly represents our community.
Renew here:

Many of you may be aware we produce a 10 edition per year newsletter called the Mountain Telegraph but did you know we produce it in digital edition as well.  The Mountain Telegraph provides an in-depth look at many different aspects of life in the Valley.

Here is a link to an edition of it:

Here is a link to purchase 10 editions at the very affordable price of $45:

We are all missing prepping for Winterfest and will miss the day even more.  However, we always have things to do and we are currently working on the publishing part of the Norm Gronskei book of his stories, Behind the Gold.  The profit from sales of the book will support the Museum (2/3’s) and the Mountain Telegraph (which he loved) (1/3).  If you would like to know more about this project and make a small donation to the publishing costs see this link:       Thanks very much to the SLRD Select Funds, Dir. Sal Demare for his commitment of $2,200.  We are still about $1,000 shy on publishing so anything you can do to share Norm’s stories with current and future generations will be greatly appreciated.

In January we had our All Financial Meeting.  In that meeting all the treasurers from each committee, our Board Treasurer Michelle Nortje and our Financial Administrator Cara Demare get together and review our financial policy and procedures.  We also “haggle” over shared costs such as bookkeeping, insurance, asset amenity funds and so on. We don’t really haggle but sometimes it’s a good discussion.  We train our treasurers on what the reports we give them mean and also what to look for…like mistakes. 

As many of you know, our office at 104 Haylmore Ave. is still closed.  We were just about to reopen it when the dreaded 2nd wave hit, so it is still closed.  The office is small, with not great ventilation and we want to make sure it is safe for you and for our staff.    Our staff, Jenny and Emilie are working from home and from the office as needed.  They are the epitome of reliability, adaptability, resilience and commitment, and we are so very, very fortunate that they work for all of us!

Our next board meeting is February 22 and we will make sure to send you all a report following that meeting.

Pat Dahle