Haylmore Heritage Site


Will Haylmore was the original and long time gold claim mine recorder in the Bridge River Valley.  Will lived near Gold Bridge where he had his home and office and his own placer mine. There is currently also a stage onsite which has been restored.
The Bridge River Valley Community Association has restored one of the buildings on the property and is planning to restore the site further.  The site operates as a Tourism Information Booth and a place to purchase locally produced artisan’s goods.

In April 2014, the Bridge River Valley Community Association (BRVCA) Board requested that a Statement of Significance (SOS) for the Haylmore Site be prepared. The SOS provides baseline heritage data for the site to ensure that any rehabilitation work done on the site will be conducted with heritage values in mind.  View the Haylmore Heritage Property Statement of Significance Report.

In 2015 a solar array was installed at the Haylmore Herigate Site as part of a foray into community-owned sustainable energy.  Read more about it here.

Donations are greatly appreciated for the restoration and maintenance of the Haylmore Site. Thank you!