Membership & Benefits

The Bridge River Valley Community Association (BRVCA), formerly Bridge River Valley Economic Development Society, is a non-profit organization dedicated to giving voice to the unique people of the Bridge River Valley, balancing growth to ensure a viable future, protecting the natural beauty and resources of the valley and keeping the history of the Bridge River Valley alive.  We act as an “umbrella” to other groups and committees in our area, which means we offer advertising, shared insurance, one-stop-shop administration, year-round visitor services, funding access and much more.  This simply means we provide a variety of services that save you time, energy and money!

Whether you are a part-time or full-time resident, you know the strong draw this valley has on its residents, full and part-time.  Check out our take on living the Bridge River Valley Way .  Last year, thanks to the countless volunteer hours you contributed, the BRVCA made many big leaps toward making this a viable community resource.  Please take a look at “Our Story” to see what kinds of accomplishments we achieved, and pass along the success so others will join us.

Moving forward this year, we plan to increase our membership so that we can do more on your behalf when making community advancements such as applying for funding, training and event planning.   Your membership is crucial to the growth of the BRVCA and we need your input!  Membership allows you to stay updated & have input to any upcoming changes in the BRV, to attend the Annual General Meetings and more.

Membership is very inexpensive and easy to obtain! Membership form is at this link.  Submit your form & pay with a credit card online or mail a cheque.  If you prefer, come see us with your cheque made out to Bridge River Valley Community Association or cash.

Once you are registered as a member, we will keep you up to date by Community Advisory emails, provide you with web links to relevant documents and generally stay in touch about what is going on in the Bridge River Valley!

We rely on membership and donations to maintain and grow operations, so please donate any amount today.  Your contribution is the key to maintaining this valley as the small wilderness hideaway we all love so much!