Bralorne Recreation Area : Sunshine Mountain


Want to see more fun trail development on Sunshine Mountain?
Maybe some gladed runs in the trees for ski touring? Perhaps an alpine warming hut?

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Bralorne Recreation Area  

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The Bralorne Recreation Area cabin is located just outside of town off the Noel Creek FSR on the historic Sunshine Mountain. 50-60 years ago this was the location of the “ski hill” with a rope tow and a ski cabin before a big economic downturn at the end of the gold rush.

Currently the old ski cabin is user maintained and stands as an emergency warming shelter. Use the cabin and the area for recreation at your own discretion. Visitors currently use the area for mountain biking, hiking, ski / snowboard touring, snowshoeing, atv, dirt biking, and picnics. The current user rule is no snowmobiles above the cabin in the winter, self propelled travel only.

Work done at the Recreation Area is performed by community volunteers and any donations are greatly appreciated. The Bralorne Community Advisory Committee are currently working on reviving the old cabin and the area.  Please make a donation to contribute to the management, maintenance, and improvement to the cabin and the trails.

If you would like to get involved as a volunteer or would like more information please contact us.


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