Gun Lake Boat Launch

Gun Lake West Boat Launch
Gun Lake West Boat Launch

Gun Lake Boat Launch Committee


The Gun Lake Boat Launch property (south end) was dedicated for road under the Land Title Act section 75 1) c). The land was dedicated as road by subdivision in 1968. That means the land was private before the subdivision in 1968.

This site was never a legal recreation site and FLNRO Recreation Sites program only managed it as such under some sort of verbal agreement with Ministry of Transportation. They could never make it a legal recreation site as it was under highways and do not wish to manage it . That informal agreement was ended 7 years ago. In the interim the cement pads that were the boat launch were damaged, replaced and damaged again.

The Gun Lake Ratepayers Association declined to be involved in the ongoing maintenance of the property.

A number of property owners came together and approached the Bridge River Valley Community Association.

The Bridge River Valley Community Association  agreed to the creation of a Gun Lake Boat Launch Committee
1. That has a main purpose is the appropriate management and operations of the Gun Lake Boat Launch and adjacent property
2. That has a minimum of two members which will include a Chair and a Treasurer
3. And that Develops a Terms of Reference for the committee and agrees to follow the policies of the BRVCA Society
4. And that includes within that Terms of Reference acknowledgement that that committee is responsible for all aspects of management of the property and boat launch
5. And that includes recognition that the committee will follow all appropriate provincial, federal and local government process in doing this
6. And that the BRVCA will provide the similar supports they do other committees including the legal support of the non-profit society on documents and so on
7. And that the property and boat launch will come under the BRVCA Commercial Liability Policy and will be expected to share in a relative way in the policy cost
8. And that the BRVCA Society will provide bookkeeping and bank account and will charge the operational costs in a similar and relative way to other committees and events with the agreement of the Committees (all)
9. And as per BRVCA policies and procedures, direct, ongoing and full two way communication will occur between the BRVCA Board of Directors and the Gun Lake Boat
Launch committee.

The new Gun Lake Boat Launch committee applied for a Grant-In-Aide from Area A of the SLRD and received funding to undertake the tenure work required to hold tenure and be responsible for the property and the actual boat launch. It was a long haul but in 2017 the new cement boat launch pads were placed.

The Chair is David Charchesio and the Treasurer is Jenny James.

Fundraising is through the once per year Italian Day and through the Boat Launch Donation Box. Donations for the maintenance of the Boat Launch can also be made at the button below and are greatly appreciated.

Location of the Gun Lake Boat Launch
Location of the Gun Lake Boat Launch