Bralorne Pioneer Mines Office

In July 2017, the Bridge River Valley Community Association purchased the Bralorne Pioneer Mines Motel (nee Office) with the intention of relocating the Bralorne Pioener Museum into the building.  State of Title here

It is the intent of the Bridge River Valley Community Association in partnership with the Bralorne Pioneer Museum Society to create a space for the Museum that will become an attraction for visitors and a place to celebrate the area’s rich heritage.

The Bralorne Pioneer Mines Office Motel first opened in 1939 and was the site of the Bralorne Pioneer Mines Office.  Now that the building has been purchased, the next step will be to renovate a significant portion of the building to become the new home of the Bralorne Pioneer Museum, which was established in 1977. The remainder of the building will be activated for purposes of revenue generation, included long and short term rentals of both office space and residential, a gift shop and coffee shop.  The revenue streams will create new professional  jobs in the community and will also help to ensure the ongoing maintenance of an important heritage building.


Initial Information from September 5, 2017

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