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Tyax Lodge Jobs

Maintenance Support

The contract will provide a yearly retainer of $2000 and would be for a minimum of 50 hours and up to 70 hours for the year as per the conditions set up below.  This contract will be for a year with retainer being paid in two $1000 lumps.
Payment for additional approved hours will be on the once per month financial day.
Jobs that escalate beyond the retainer duties will be confirmed as such in writing and contractor will provide an estimate prior to completing the work
Rate of pay will be $25 for non-tradesmen related tasks and $50 per hour for tradesmen related tasks for jobs that escalate beyond or are additional to the retainer.
Most jobs and tasks are super flexible as to when they get done. The contract has a wide range of jobs/task ranging from construction to handyman to basic property management.
Sub-Contracting will be permitted or seeking out another employees/contractor for BRVCA is encouraged and recruiting volunteers is also welcome.
-Contractors providing services must maintain current Worksafe coverage and liability insurance.  In circumstances where a contractor does not carry Worksafe coverage or liability insurance, the BRVCA may, depending on the scope and type of service, choose to proceed with a contract under the BRVCA Worksafe BC and Liability Insurance

This is a great side hustle or addition to other tasks. Please submit an expression of interest expected to or in person at the Community Resource Building.
Please include expected hourly rate, insurance overages and other experience.

Assist with developing bidding document for projects
First Right of Refusal of projects within scope of contractor’s expertise
On Call (within reason) when an extra set of hands are needed
On Call (within reason) for small or emergent issues when assistance is required

Community Resource Building 
Modify the schedule for the thermostat as needed to ensure we are not overpaying and don’t freeze and to ensure basement
Temperature stays above zero

May – put up canvas frame and tent
May –  add water/re-water gold panning trough, add clean sand if needed
Oct – take down canvas frame and tent, ensure stored safely and dryly at the CRB
October – set up mouse and rat traps – monitor 3 times over the winter

Bralorne Pioneer Mines Office
Be on call for emergency/urgent type calls (breaker blows for example)
Basic maintenance for laundry machines, smoke alarms etc.
Ensure water is turned on a stand pile (April 15 ish)(except right now as we have a drainage issue)
Ensure water is turned off and blown out correctly

Replenish basic supplies – river rock, lava ash and keep an eye on landscape cloth
Communicate with SLRD to ensure water is turned off at stand pipe.

Damage patrol
Sand and Restain any areas of graffiti as needed
Once a year clean plexiglass (take off to do both sides), no specific schedule can be
Done as is convenient

Porta Potties
Move porta potties and return as needed (mileage extra)
Report back re cleanliness etc.

Trail Worker

BRA Expression of Interests

Requests for Expressions of Interest for possible Bralorne Recreation Area contracts with two maps: 

  1. REOI – BRUSHING AND CLEARING OLD SKI RUN (information map is map of old ski run) 
  2. REOI – QEP SURVEY (information map is Phase One Maps) 
  3. REOI – CSA SURVEY (information map is Phase One Maps)
  4. REOI – OCCUPANT LICENSCE TO CUT COORDINATOR (information map is Phase One Maps)
  5. Map of Phase One
  6. Map of Old Ski Run

Details and contact information is on the individual links.