Community Office – 104 Haylmore Ave, Gold Bridge


The Community Resource Building at 104 Haylmore in Gold Bridge is now owned by the Bridge River Valley Community Association.  The building has been used by the Bridge River Valley Community Association as a Community Resource Building and Tourism Info Booth under a licence of occupation with the School District # 74 since 1996.

The BRVCA shares office space with Minto Communications Society.  The office is open Monday and Thursday from 10am – 3pm and is open as often as 7 days a week in the summer months.

Two years ago the BRVCA Board of Directors decided to pursue either a long term lease or a purchase for $1 of the site.  It was difficult for the society to make the badly needed improvements and renovations to the historic house without a long term commitment to the property. The final straw was the ripping off of siding by a bear in 2011 leaving the basement and piping exposed.  The temporary patch up job is really indicative of the condition of the building as a whole.
The School District agreed and went through the proper process for disposing of the property and at the end of October the property officially became owned by BRVCA.

The BRVCA Board of Directors would like to thank Mary Benson and Michelle Nortje for their persistent followups over the two years to ensure this came to be.  Without their volunteer commitment this would not have happened.  Thank you so much!