Tyax Logging Update

I am writing to inform everyone that Aspen Planers will be hauling through the Taylor FSR, past Tyax Lake until the end of May.

A land slide occurred last year at 98km on the Mud FSR.  The slide stabilized over the summer and we hoped to haul wood through the slide section this spring.  Just recently further signs of instability occurred and hauling through the slide is not safe for heavy traffic.  The route past Tyax Lake is our only option to transfer wood to our mill that was harvested over the winter. We are working on moving our logger to a different area so we can avoid hauling this route during the summer.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.
Please pass this information on to anyone that may be affected.

Thank-you for your understanding,
Bill Poppy,
Aspen Planers Ltd.
Lillooet Woodlands Division
Office  1-250-256-5216
Cell      1-250-256-9335


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