Training Committee Chair

The Valley Wide Training Committee is looking for a chair. If you love to see training for the entire Valley that helps us with serious issues such as wildfire, first aid, food etc. this is a straightforward role. It isn’t a huge time consuming role as it is well defined and has been worked through for a number of years.

The BRVCA Valley Wide Training Committee organizes and facilitates learning and development to increase knowledge, skills, and abilities to improve the level of safety and education required throughout our remote location.

If you are interested please contact the office at and they will put you in touch with committee members who can provide more detail.

BRVCA General Committee Chair Role

• In collaboration with committee members and staff determine meeting times and places
• In collaboration with committee members and staff develop agenda based on previous minutes and items coming up, work with staff to put it together and have it sent out ahead of meeting
• Ensure minutes are completed and distributed by whoever is doing them, review to ensure they are ok, have them or send out to committee for check
• Chair the meetings or ensure someone is there to chair
• Be a point person and advisor on communication etc., someone who staff/vollies go to for support etc.
• Ensure Terms of Reference for the committee are followed
• Come to BRVCA/BPM Board Meetings when requested or needed by circumstances

Specific Valley Training Committee Chair’s Role/Responsibilities

  • If new to the Committee, familiarize yourself with the program.
  • Sal DeMare a previous Chair can help with this.
  • The Committee meets 3 times or more a year and can be done virtually.
  • At first meeting in January or early February:
  • Training Committee requires a Treasurer but can be the Chair.
  • Review the Training Matrix Data sheets to see which courses will require recertification and how many participants may require recertification.
  • Review previous Survey Monkey results and comments on courses not listed.
  • Decide with the Committee which courses they would like to see on the Survey Monkey.
  • BRVCA Staff will put out the Survey Monkey on Social Media.
  • At the second meeting in late February or early March:
  • Review the outcomes of the Survey Monkey and decide which courses are going to be put on.
  • Decide which days the courses will be put on.
  • Staff will reach out to the Training Providers for availability and quotes.
  • In between second and third meeting:
  • Confirm and review trainer availability and quotes.
  • Build a draft Training Plan with courses dates and costs.
  • Review Committee Bank Balance and what funding will be required to put on the courses.
  • At the third meeting in April:
  • Review the Draft Training Plan and confirm with the Committee that the plan is achievable and approve it.
  • Staff will build Cognito Registration Forms and put out on Social Media.
  • Staff will book Trainers and confirm rental of facilities if required.
  • Work with the BRVCA Grant Writer for funding requests.
  • Other tasks:
  • Review the New Director Orientation Check List with any new Committee members.
  • Chair, Staff or other volunteer can do opening statements at any of the training sessions and at course ends.
  • Staff will take care of all paperwork for contracting etc.
  • Staff will help Trainers with accommodations etc and anything else they may need.
  • Staff will prepare Sign in Sheets and any other documentation required.
  • Staff will update the Training Matrix.
  • Staff will take care of the invoices.
  • Review Committee Transaction Reports and Budget with Treasurer and build the upcoming years Budget.
  • Prepare Meeting agendas and minutes.
  • Help with promoting the Training Program on Social Media.

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