Signage Project

Remember taking that survey about signage in the Bridge River Valley?  Did you get your beer at the Pub?   Well for those of you curious about the results of the survey and the findings of our comprehensive review of signage in the Bridge River Valley, here are a few highlights as well as link to a summary presentation prepared by our signage project manager, Heather Roberts:

  • 75% of Bridge River Valley residents would like to see a little more wayfinding signage, an improvement on existing signage and/or think more wayfinding signs would be helpful.
  • 84% of Bridge River Valley residents think that our existing wayfinding signage should be upgraded and organized better and/or have damaged and graffiti marked signs replaced.

But what exactly are wayfinding signs?

  • There are seven basic types of signs all governed by different authorities and having different requirements for their design and erection and we have them all in the Bridge River Valley.  Examples of the different signs can be seen at the bottom of this page.
  • Types of Signs
    • There are over 50 non-permitted or graffitied wayfinding signs in the Bridge River Valley and at least another 50 non-permitted and graffitied signs not related to wayfinding
    • The Bridge River Valley has over 30 discrepancies or updates needs for inconsistencies between the SLRD, Google Maps and Backroad Mapbook
    • The Bridge River Valley is missing over 50 green road name guide signs and needs an improvement in directional signage to the Valley from both Pemberton and Lillooet
    • Blue provincial tourism service and attraction signs need to be updated and reorganized in order to properly point out facilities, services, points of interest and amenities
    • 18 of the 21 Forest Service Roads in the area are either missing signs or have signs that need to be replaced due to damage or graffiti
    • Trailhead signage and mapping for trails needs to be updated for local maps and the Backroad Mapbook – trails should be GIS’d and legalized
    • We have the opportunity to create a new image representing the ‘brand’ of the Bridge River Valley and can incorporate this into all our ongoing signage investments

So, where do we go from here?

The Economic Development Committee of the Bridge River Valley Community Association is leading the following next steps:

1.       We are requesting immediate support from the SLRD to assist in addressing missing signs and inconsistencies in our signage as this affects resident and visitor safety as well as the overall visitor experience to our area
2.       We are issuing a Request for Proposal to secure the services of a graphic designer to work together with the community to create a new look that captures the essence of the Bridge River Valley and everything that makes this a special place to live and visit
3.       We are drafting a ‘How To’ guide for local residents and businesses that have non-permitted signs and/or are considering erecting signage – look for this on our website soon
4.       We are working to identify signage priorities within the report provided and to secure funding to proceed with improvements.   Responding to all the needs identified in the report will take many years, but we will start with the most pressing concerns and the greatest opportunities and go from there.

Click to view the full signage presentation  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!  Some examples of the different type of signs are below:

S_2037 S_7016  S_1010 S_1001