Memorandum of Understanding

Memorandum of Understanding signed to work together in spirit of collaboration and partnership

The Bridge River Valley Community Association (BRVCA) together with Tsal’alh Development Corporation, Bralorne Gold Mines, Cobalt One Energy Corp, Endurance Gold and the Squamish-Lillooet Regional District jointly signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to work together in the spirit of collaboration and partnership.

The signatories to the MOU have made a commitment to each other to:

*  Listen and seek to understand, always showing mutual respect;

*  Build trust through integrity, honesty and transparency in all communications;

*  Engage, where possible, in full and early communication of events or initiatives that have the potential to affect shared or individual objectives; and

*  Display long-term commitment to support and maintain the intent of this MOU.

Pat Dahle, President of the BRVCA comments, “This MOU is an important symbol of our commitment to work together with our Indigenous neighbours and industry partners on unceded St’at’imc territory.  In a community as small as ours, the only way we can create sustainability is through these relationships and partnerships. We are especially pleased to be working closely with Tsal’alh Development Corporation to explore affordable housing opportunities for our senior residents and those most vulnerable and hope to soon have support from BC Housing to undertake more detailed planning.”

Sal DeMare, Director, SLRD Electoral Area A shared, “I was pleased to sign this MOU on behalf of the SLRD. It’s been great to see some of the mining sector interests operating in the region come together with Tsal’alh Development Corporation, the BRVCA and the SLRD to create what I think is a valuable framework to guide us as we work to improve communication and build stronger relationships. We look forward to continued collaboration with the other parties to this MOU, and to welcoming other businesses, community organizations and St’át’imc communities to join us, for the benefit of everyone who lives, works, plays and has ties to this spectacular place.” 

While each organization that signed the MOU has its own mandate and objectives, all parties have confirmed that they share the following objectives:

*  Enhancing relations and pursuing collaborative economic development opportunities with the St’át’imc Nation and communities; and,

*  Creating a resilient and prosperous local economy that attracts a sustainable permanent population of people having employable skills and a desire to contribute to community life.

Rod Louie, CEO of Tsal’alh Development Corporation noted, “This commitment to work together and build mutually beneficial working relationships is important.  As individuals, businesses and government bodies, we have more in common than is often acknowledged. All non-Indigenous signatories to this MOU have worked hard to become aware and to be respectful of the unceded territories of St’at’imc, and other indigenous peoples. “

The signatories intend to collaborate on a number of important initiatives as time and resources permit, including:

*  Building and strengthening relationships with St’át’imc communities;

*  Growing the permanent resident base in the region including families with school aged children;

*  Preserving and protecting cultural and heritage assets;

*  Increasing the supply of long-term housing for purchase and rental

*  Improving road access to the area; and

*  Building and maintaining support for a successful mining industry.

Michael McPhie, Vice President, Sustainability and External Affairs with Talisker Resources commented, “It is an honour for the Talisker and Bralorne Gold Mines team to be a part of this.  We recognize this as unceded territory and that we are guests here.  Our overarching goal is to contribute positively to the well being of the people and communities who call the Bridge River Valley home and being a signatory to this MOU is a symbol of our commitment to that.”  

Charles Daley, Mining Industry consultant for Endurance Gold and Cobalt Energy One states, “The mining industry wishes to operate respectfully and sustainably in the unceded St’at’imc traditional territory. There are many other parties that also depend upon the resources of the Upper Bridge River Valley and contribute to its social, cultural and economic health and vitality – we encourage others to become signatories to the MOU and join us in this journey.”

The MOU text can be viewed here:

Community organizations, individuals and businesses interested in learning more about the MOU, including how to get involved, can contact the Bridge River Valley Community Association at or by telephone at (250) 238-2534.   

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