Mechanical Room Construction

Gold Bridge Community Resource Building – Mechanical Room Expression of Interest

Objective / Purpose
The objective is to build a temporary mechanical room so that all the basement plumbing can be heated in the winter months.

Key Dates
Work to be completed by September 15th.

Background / History
Currently the heating system has to maintain the unfinished basement to above freezing throughout the winter, which increases the heating costs. The office is only open twice a week therefore most of time the office is unoccupied. The unoccupied times have to have the heat increased due the mostly uninsulated basement and the water works that are in the basement. A walk through of the work to be done can be arranged.

Service / Work Requirements:
– All work to be done to Work Safe BC standards.
– This room is to be totally removable for any future work in the basement.
– Approximate room size is 48” wide by 62” long by 6’ high.
– Remove old shelving that is in the back of the basement and any other items requiring removal.
– Remove and replace all cast iron plumbing in the basement with ABS plumbing hardware, including new toilet flange in the bathroom toilet drain system.
– Excavate the new room’s base down to the level required for adequate headroom of the finished room. Compact the soil and install Styrofoam insulation under 2’ x 2’ concrete pads as the room’s foundation.
– Install 2” x 4” walls with ½” plywood on the outside, Styrofoam insulation and vapor barrier on the inside for the new room. Insulate in between the ceiling joists also.
– Install a new 20 amp breaker in the electrical panel, wiring and outlet to the inside of the new room.
– Install insulated entrance door to the room.
– Install a drop down ceiling enclosure from the new room so that the bathroom sink plumbing is fully in the drop down enclosure for heating purposes. Insulate as other walls and ceiling.
– Remove the hose tap in the basement and re plumb one to the outside wall by the basement entrance wall. The tubing for this to come from the new room and be designed to be easily drained for winterizing.
– Reinstall the hot water tank to the back corner of the new room. Re-plumbing will be required.
– Install a heating duct from the main furnace ducting into the new room.
– Replace one floor beam support post that is leaning. May require some foundation work for it.
– Install 2 new storage racks in the basement. They are to be made from 2” x 4” lumber and ¾” plywood. Three shelves on each and approximate sizes are 2’ wide x 6’ to 8’ long x 4’ high.
– Clean up the basement and outside, from all the work that was done for this EOI.
– Materials that are not reusable to be disposed of properly at the Transfer Station or through other legal means
– Carpentry certification or significant demonstrated carpentry experience.
– Subcontracting will be allowed if required.
– It is preferred that in-kind work or discount be provided as this is a community venture.
– This Expression of Interest Contract will be a fixed price for time, materials, equipment and any out of pocket expenses.
Scope of Service or Work Change
If the scope of service or work changes for any unforeseen reason, the BRVCA Board of Directors has to approve the scope change.

Submission Guidelines:
Proponent Organization / Profile / Technical Skills / Experience
-Proponent shall identify relevant management, administrative, and financial capabilities as well as technical and necessary skills, qualifications, experience, and equipment that they consider appropriate to the evaluation of their ability to successfully undertake the proposed contract and meet the ROI objectives.
-WorkSafeBC Number will be required unless the proponent optionally and at the discretion of the BRVCA make the proponent an employee so that the proponent will work under the BRVCA’s WorkSafeBC Policy.
-General Commercial Liability Insurance Policy must be submitted unless the proponent optionally and at the discretion of the BRVCA make the proponent an employee so that the proponent will work under the BRVCA’s General Commercial Liability Insurance Policy.
– Proponents to submit their fixed price in their submission.
Submission of Proposal
-Proponent shall submit a signed copy of the proposal either by mail, dropped off at the Gold Bridge Community Resource Building or via e-mail.
-All proposals must be submitted to the BRVCA by April 30, 2019.

Mailing Address:
Gold Bridge Community Resource Building
104 Haylmore St.
Gold Bridge B.C.
V0K 1P0

Bridge River Valley Community Association’s e-mail address:

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  1. For many years I was engaged in design of heat tracing systems for industrial applications. (Oil & Gas Refineries, etc.)
    You may wish to consider heat tracing as an alternative to your present design concept.
    This approach will most likely substantially decrease the total cost of achieving your goals.
    We could inspect the premises & provide a cost estimate for this solution.

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