Logging Update

The following is an update for Aspen Planers harvesting activities in the Bridge River Valley heading into the May long weekend.

Logging and hauling will be primarily focused in the Marshall / Liza / Mud-Noaxe areas. Active harvesting and log hauling, up the 88.5km spur, up the Liza mainline as well on the 104km Noaxe spur. Road building and road upgrades in Bonanza over the next few months and we may start logging in Bonanza in the next few weeks.  We also have logging operations and log hauling up the LaRochelle road, access is just past the Yalakom River bridge on road 40.  Expect logging truck traffic Monday to Friday with the possibility of some minor weekend trucking.  Travel leaving Lillooet for Goldbridge in the late afternoon will reduce the amount of crew and log truck encounters.

There will be some road building and road upgrades on the Dale road (Gun Lake area) over the few weeks to access a new area that we may start logging later this fall.  Please be advised we will also be hauling a few loads of wood out of Dale road early next week. This is wood that is left over from the winter that we didn’t get out before the road restrictions came on. There should only be loads coming out Monday and Tuesday if everything goes well.

We will have planters in various locations, please respect their worksite. Drive slowly when traveling near them.


Darrell Coldwell

Planning Technician
Aspen Planers

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