Haylmore Heritage Site Assistant – Fun job!!!  Job sharing considered.  www.brvca.ca/haylmore-heritage-site-assistant/

Maintenance Support Worker – Contract position with financial retainer    See this link:  https://brvca.ca/maintenance-support-worker/

3 Summer Jobs – 15 – 30 years, pays well above minimum wage,   www.brvca.ca/summer-jobs-with-brvca/

Tyax Kitchen Positions, see details here:   https://brvca.ca/tyax-kitchen-positions/

Tyax Housekeeping Positions, see details here:  https://brvca.ca/tyax-housekeeping-attendant/


Community Resource Building –  Mechanical Room Construction      www.brvca.ca/mechanical-room-construction/

Bralorne Church – Repair Replacement of Front/Back porches           www.brvca.ca/church-repairs/

Bralorne Church – Painting             www.brvca.ca/church-painting/

Bralorne Church – Preliminary Drainage Work    www.brvca.ca/church-foundation-wall-work/


Health Care

Dr. Humber’s Next Visit

Dr. Humber’s next visit is Saturday April 20 and following that, May 18.  . Call the Lillooet Medical Clinic to make an appointment. 250-256-7505

Public Health Nurse Visit

The public health nurse will be in Gold Bridge Thursday April 25.  Phone toll free 1-855-656-4233, dial 0 and ask for Public Health to make an appointment.


Update on Logging in the Marshall/Liza Lake areas and the Mud-Noaxe Area:

We plan to start logging Blk 733-14 (M92) above Marshall Lake sometime in
April. We currently have operations up the Noaxe (104km spur). We will have
operations in Bonanza starting in May. We will have some hauling out of Liza
in early to mid-summer. Grading and minor road maintenance will be ongoing
between now and start-up of our operations. We are planning to work in
conjunction with Highways to apply dust control along the Mud M/L above
Marshall Lake.