End of Summer Brunch and Farmers Market

Saturday , September 5 (long weekend) 12-2. Haylmore Heritage Site
Please see the attached Poster.  Brought to you by the Rock Wall Artisan’s Gallery.

Boultbee (Bralorne) Memorial Church – Fundraising – sponsored by the Heritage Committee

In 1999 volunteers from the Valley community worked with local government, private industry, and public donors to restore the Boultbee Memorial Church located in Bralorne. The Church is still sound but like all buildings it needs periodic maintenance to allow for its continued use by the community. This Fall it is planned to revamp the kitchens’ hot water system which is required whenever catered functions, like the Valley Reunion, take place. The Church has no funds available for this project, consequently the Valley Heritage Committee is proposing a funding drive aimed at this September long weekend when the Valley will have maximum occupancy. For those who wish to make a donation, you can do so by by going to the website which will take you directly to the page at the bottom where the donation button is located.

Those of you with neighbours who are not connected would be doing a good turn for the maintenance of the church if you let them know about our request and let them know that if they would care to donate in person they can do so at the BRVCA office in Gold Bridge or they can mail it directly to:  BRVCA, Community Resource Office, 104 Haylmore Avenue, Gold Bridge, BC V0K 1P0.  Telephone 250-238-2534.  Please make cheques out to BRVCA.

It is hoped that enough money can be raised to deal with the plumbing issues and provide a cash cushion should for further issues arise. It is worth noting that very often government and private funding agencies will match your contributions and BRVCA has a grant writer who can undertake this task. This is an opportunity for all of us to help preserve and maintain one of our major heritage buildings.  Your donations are much appreciated.


This company will be very likely doing exploratory drilling work on their property known as IKE.  Apply quickly, don’t wait.
Link:  http://brvca.ca/miningexploration-job-posting/

JEWEL BRIDGE INVASIVES DAY – Lillooet & Region Invasive Species Society

As part of our Park Enhancement Fund money, Lillooet & Regional Invasive Species Society have dedicated a day for weed removal and outreach at the Jewel Bridge Rec Site.  We want to connect with Trail users and the locals.
It is scheduled for Friday, September 11.  The community to come out and talk to us as about our work and potentially help with some weed removal.  Link to details:  brvca.ca/jewel-bridge-weed-day/

Bridge River Valley Community Association
104 Haylmore, Gold Bridge, BC V0K 1P0

The Bralorne Church needs your help!

The Bralorne Church is holding a fundraiser and needs your help!