Church Floor Contract

Objective / Purpose

The object is to repair/renovate the Bralorne Church bathroom and cement stair case

Key Dates

Work to be completed between April 15 and May 15 2020

Background / History

The Heritage Co9mmittee (BRVCA) has been engaged in a project to repair cracks leaking water into the Church Hall Basement.  This portion of the project will complete those repairs.

Service / Work Requirements

-All work to be done to Work Safe BC standards.


  • Bathroom:
  • Remove 2 by 4 runners from the floor.
  • Remove any more mouldy studs from the walls.
  • Prep Gyprock on walls for new Gyprock where it is missing and or damaged.
  • Install studs where required.
  • Prep the concrete floor for another layer to go on top of it.
  • Pour another level layer of concrete on the floor so that tiles can be layed on it.
  • Height will have to be determined.
  • Thin set in a layer of Schluter Ditra anti fracture material on the new concrete.
  • Lay tiles onto the floor so they are level with the wood floor in the main hall.
  • Install new insulation where required.
  • Install vapour barrier where required.
  • Replace the missing and damaged Gyprock and finish all the joints.
  • Install baseboard trim where required. If there is enough tile left use it if possible and then seal the joint.
  • Paint the whole room.
  • Reinstall the storage cabinets.
  • Repaint the storage cabinets.
  • Replace the toilet water valve with a new one.
  • Install a new toilet with mount and seal.
  • Reinstall the vanity.
  • Reinstall the hot water tank support frame.
  • Reinstall the hot water tank.
  • Make sure there are no water leaks on the bathroom plumbing.
  • Note: Floor tiles will be donated.
  • Cement Staircase into the Basement:
  • Repair damaged areas in the staircase.
  • Prep the cement staircase for painting.
  • Paint the cement staircase with anti-skid paint.

This is list is a general plan for the renovations but could be modified as required.
-Proponent will provide an indication on timelines i.e. target dates related to delivery of the service.


Subcontracting will be allowed if required.
- Volunteers will also be permitted to help with this EOI.
- Detailed invoices, receipts and pertinent documentation for materials, shipping, subcontractor, and rentals must be kept for the entire project and submitted to the Chair of the Heritage Committee (BRVCA)


Proponent to provide a fixed price which will include:
Planning, material cost, shipping, dismantling and disposal of old dugout and stairs, labor costs, subcontracting, and rentals.
-BRVCA has a once a month payment day, payment will be made on next payment day after submission of the documentation, invoices and receipts after approval by the Chair of the Heritage Committee

Scope of Service or Work Change

If the scope of service or work changes for any unforeseen reason, the Chair of the Heritage Committee has to approve the scope change.

Submission Guidelines:

Proponent Organization / Profile / Technical Skills / Experience
-Proponent shall identify relevant management, administrative, and financial capabilities as well as technical and necessary skills, qualifications, experience, and equipment that they consider appropriate to the evaluation of their ability to successfully undertake the proposed contract and meet the EOI objectives.
-WorkSafeBC Number will be required unless the proponent optionally and at the discretion of the BRVCA make the proponent an employee so that the proponent will work under the BRVCA’s WorkSafeBC Policy.
-General Commercial Liability Insurance Policy must be submitted unless the proponent optionally and at the discretion of the BRVCA make the proponent an employee so that the proponent will work under the BRVCA’s General Commercial Liability Insurance Policy.

Submission of Proposal

Proponent shall submit a signed copy of the proposal either by mail, dropped off at the Gold Bridge Community Resource Building or via e-mail.
-All proposals must be submitted to the BRVCA by March 31, 2020


Mailing Address:

Gold Bridge Community Resource Building

104 Haylmore St.

Gold Bridge B.C.
V0K 1P0

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