Month: October 2023


The Bridge River Valley Community Association has several locations that will require snow clearing:

*Community Resource Building – Parking Lot Snow Plowing – Gold Bridge*

We are currently looking for a contractor who will snow plow the small parking lot at the Community Resource Building and keep the stairs, walkways free of snow. Sanding may be required.  This clearing must be done on a very regular basis and during snow falls.

*Historic Bralorne Pioneer Mines Office Building*

This will involve clearing the side laneway and the stairs on the side of the building. 

*Temporary Museum Location – Bralorne*

This will require mostly shovelling a path from the road to the door.  If quad/truck is available plowing the berm away that IRL leaves.

*Bralorne Church*

This will be shovelling on an as needed basis to keep the pathway to the stair, stairs and side door clear.  We will advise when this is needed. 

Suitable for quad with plow, truck with plow or full equipment.

Please let us know if you are interested and your rate – email