Month: October 2021

Snow Clearing Contract

The Bridge River Valley Community Association has several locations that will require snow clearing from Nov 1, 2021 – March 30, 2022 as needed.
Historic Bralorne Pioneer Mines Office Building
This will involve some snow clearing where a quad/truck on the alley on the back side is needed as well as shoveling stairs in heavy snow conditions.
The modified stairs (1/2) will require hand shoveling in snow conditions and the application of de-icer.
Temporary Museum Location – Bralorne
This will require mostly shovelling a path from road to door.  If quad/truck is available plowing the berm away that IRL leaves.
Bralorne Church
This is mostly shovelling on an as needed basis (we will usually advise) to keep pathway to stair, stairs and side door clear.  We don’t anticipate this due to events not being able to be held due to COVID19 but it may become possible.  
Suitable for quad with plow, truck with plow or full equipment. Please let us know if you are interested and what you would charge.  Email