Month: May 2019

May Community Advisory

Wasn’t May long weekend fantastic!!!!

Not to miss, special presentation this coming Saturday:  Grizzly Bear Research Management and Recovery

Join us for a fascinating talk by grizzly bear biologist Michael Proctor on Saturday May 25th- 7 pm at the Gold Bridge Community Club!
Michael has been studying wild grizzly bears for many years. He will discuss conservation problems and on-the-ground efforts to fix those problems.

His story should be entertaining and relevant for the conservation of grizzly bears in southwest BC Details here:

By the way we have Bear Spray available at the Haylmore Heritage Site.  Credit Cards accepted.  Safety use instructions available as well.

Senior’s Lunch….

The next Seniors Luncheon will be Sunday, May 26th at the Gold Bridge Community Club.  Thanks to Gold Bridge Community Club for

Putting this on.  Come on out and enjoy a free lunch.

Canada Day Celebration – Volunteers Needed!

Canada Day Parade and Celebration will be on this year!

We are looking for four volunteers:

-Parade Master Front End – organize entries and start

-Parade Master Back End – trouble shooting –directing parade

-Barbecue Meister – this year we have a new Party Barbecue so this will be quick & easy

-Barbecue Hander Outer

We cannot do this event without these four volunteers – they are short & you can still enjoy the event.

Current Contracts & Summer Jobs   ****We are still accepting Estimates/Quotes on this.   ***We are still looking for a contractor, sub contract in areas , i.e. electrical or plumbing, possible.     Summer job – 8 weeks.     Summer job – 8 weeks


Logging Update –Tyaughton Lake/Gun Creek Rd.  Click here:

Health Care Stuff:

Health Care Survey – Do you require a shot or injection regularly?

Dr. Humber is currently the only medical professional travelling to the area who has within their scope of practice the ability to give injections. Neither the public health nurse (here monthly) nor the Community Paramedic are able to give injections.  Therefore, we are doing a quick survey to see who in the area (full time, part-time, extended part-time) needs injections.  The survey is anonymous and will help determine if there is a need for injections to be added to someone’s scope of practice and/or other options.  Your cooperation is appreciated.

The Public Health Nurse will be in Gold Bridge on May 23rd.  Please call 1 855 656 4233 to make an appointment,


Tyax Logging Update

I am writing to inform everyone that Aspen Planers will be hauling through the Taylor FSR, past Tyax Lake until the end of May.

A land slide occurred last year at 98km on the Mud FSR.  The slide stabilized over the summer and we hoped to haul wood through the slide section this spring.  Just recently further signs of instability occurred and hauling through the slide is not safe for heavy traffic.  The route past Tyax Lake is our only option to transfer wood to our mill that was harvested over the winter. We are working on moving our logger to a different area so we can avoid hauling this route during the summer.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.
Please pass this information on to anyone that may be affected.

Thank-you for your understanding,
Bill Poppy,
Aspen Planers Ltd.
Lillooet Woodlands Division
Office  1-250-256-5216
Cell      1-250-256-9335


Logging Update

The following is an update for Aspen Planers harvesting activities in the Bridge River Valley heading into the May long weekend.

Logging and hauling will be primarily focused in the Marshall / Liza / Mud-Noaxe areas. Active harvesting and log hauling, up the 88.5km spur, up the Liza mainline as well on the 104km Noaxe spur. Road building and road upgrades in Bonanza over the next few months and we may start logging in Bonanza in the next few weeks.  We also have logging operations and log hauling up the LaRochelle road, access is just past the Yalakom River bridge on road 40.  Expect logging truck traffic Monday to Friday with the possibility of some minor weekend trucking.  Travel leaving Lillooet for Goldbridge in the late afternoon will reduce the amount of crew and log truck encounters.

There will be some road building and road upgrades on the Dale road (Gun Lake area) over the few weeks to access a new area that we may start logging later this fall.  Please be advised we will also be hauling a few loads of wood out of Dale road early next week. This is wood that is left over from the winter that we didn’t get out before the road restrictions came on. There should only be loads coming out Monday and Tuesday if everything goes well.

We will have planters in various locations, please respect their worksite. Drive slowly when traveling near them.


Darrell Coldwell

Planning Technician
Aspen Planers

Haylmore Heritage Site Opening Day