Stone Mason Needed

Stone Mason need for restoration of Haylmore Heritage Site rock walls

The Bridge River Valley Community Association is seeking a stone mason with specialty and experience in dry stacked rock walls.   The organization is seeking to restore the dry stacked rock wall, a character-defining element in the cultural landscape at the Haylmore Heritage Site.

A stone mason specializing in dry stacked rock wall construction/restoration will be hired.

A rock wall restoration workshop will be conducted as a community capacity building exercise and skill development. Local volunteers will have the opportunity to work with the stone mason expert for hands on training and to gain experience in maintaining the structure after restoration.

The stone mason expert will oversee the restoration project, ensuring the integrity of the character-defining element is maintained.

Originally, the tiered dry stacked rock wall was over 300 feet long and three feet tall against the east and north end of the property, the terracing created with dirt fill and leveled.

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