Community Groundskeeper

Community Groundskeeper – Contract

 Period of Contract:  May 1, 2019-September 30,2019 and  May 1, 2020 to September 30, 2020

Contract Description and Deliverables:

The title of this position will be:  Community Assets Groundskeeper

The contract is intended to manage, coordinate and undertake basic yard and other minor maintenance for community amenities.

The holder of the contract is permitted to undertake managerial and leadership tasks related to accomplishing the deliverables of the contract in the name of the Bridge River Valley Community Association.

The holder of the contract is permitted to sub-contract actual yard maintenance type activities.

The holder of the contractor is encouraged to also advertise and organize volunteer work bees and community days to accomplish deliverables of the contract.


Bralorne Pioneer Mines Office Building

o   Basic Weed whacking

·         Haylmore Site

o   Very basic weed whacking, clean up and trail maintenance.

o   Assessment of requirements for future yard maintenance

·         Base Ball Diamond

o     Cut lawns and water on a regular basis.

o     Assess and communicate any other minor maintenance needs to BCAC

·         Bralorne Community Hall

o     Basic mowing and weed whacking

·         Cemetary

o    Rake and clean, mow roadside area.

o   Request and itemize any specific improvements needed so funding can be applied for

·         Boultbee Memorial Church

o   Cut lawns

o   Maintain any trees or shrubbery

o   Water regularly

·         Gold bridge Entry Sign

o     Basic weed whacking, weeding

o     Assess and itemize any specific improvement needed so funding can be applied for or raised

·         Community Resource Centre

o     Cut lawns

o   Maintain flower beds

o    Water regularly

o     Assess and itemize an specific improvement needed so funding can be applied for.

·         Bralorne Fire Hall

  •  Basic Weedwacking and gardening

·         Bralorne Pioneer Museum -3767 Lillooet Pioneer Rd. 40 – Basic Weedwacking

·         Bralorne Labyrinth

o   Weed whack to a walkable state.

·         Tourist Information Kiosks – Gold Bridge Bridge, Tyaughton Lake Rd. junction & Yalakom Rd.

o   Basic weed whacking as required

Detailed quotation must be supplied by March 30, 2019 to    Contract will be awarded on the factors of skills, references or demonstrated reliability, demonstrated understanding of task and price.

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