The Heritage Committee works to manage heritage areas and assets in the Bridge River Valley.

These assets include the Bridge River Valley Cemetery, the Boultbee (Bralorne) Memorial Church, the Haylmore Heritage Site and the Bralorne-Pioneer Museum.

For a complete understanding of the committees roles and responsibilities please see the Terms of Reference.

The SLRD, through Area A Select Funds retained a heritage consultant, Susan Medville, to inventory and conserve the historic documents and photographs found in the church, along with other historic items such as furniture, instruments and fixtures. View the Bralorne Church Report

In April 2014, the Bridge River Valley Community Association (BRVCA) Board requested that a Statement of Significance (SOS) for the Haylmore Site be prepared. The SOS provides baseline heritage data for the site to ensure that any rehabilitation work done on the site will be conducted with heritage values in mind. View the report below.

Haylmore Heritage Property Statement of Significance Report

Cemetery Digitization Project Update

Heritage Committee Meeting Notes