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Lillooet harvesting companies have timber licenses in the valley and logging is actively happening in and around our neighbourhoods.

A valley wide forestry committee was put together in the spring of 2014 to  advocate at a “big picture” level on issues of concern for the entire

The committee consists of representatives of the Gun Lake, Marshall Lake and Tyaughton Lake Ratepayers Assn. as well as the Trails Committee (BRVCA) and the Bralorne Community Advisory Committee (BRVCA).
In addition community members from the Yalakom have joined in and we have gone to the Yalakom to support each other on forestry issues.

Below you will see a great deal of different kinds of information and maps related to forestry in the upper Bridge River Valley.  Click on the links below for more information.  Scroll down to leave a comment.

Please click on the links below to find documents & maps specific for each neighbourhood.  More information will be added as it comes in.

* General Logging Information *

* Marshall/Liza Lake Logging Communication *

* Tyaughton Lake Logging Communication *

* Gun Lake Logging Communication *

* Bralorne Logging Communication *

* Forest Health Map *


Gun Lake Logging 2018/9

Gun Lake Logging 2018/9

3 Comments to Forestry Info

  1. Andrew McLaren says:

    Pictures of proposed logging areas without an indication of the direction of the view are useless. In the first picture of Tyaughton Lake, what exactly are we viewing. Is this the west side of the lake, or is it the east side?

    • brvca says:

      North is at the top. The lake is visible in the middle of the red layouts. Most of the logging is to the west and south of the lake

  2. glen mackay says:

    The law requires a set back from river or lake shores of 100 m.
    AT Sucker creek they are logging right to the high water along Carpentor Lake.


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