Church Foundation Wall EOI


Objective / Purpose
The objective of this Expression of Interest (EOI) is to expose the exterior foundation walls and drainage system in 3 identified areas, where they are cracked and water is seeping into the basement.
Key Dates
This objective is to be completed by May 10, 2019 and dependent on favorable ground conditions. On completion of the foundation and drainage system remedial work backfill the excavations, rake and clean up the area where work was performed.

The church foundation has had some modifications in the past as it was raised   at one point to make a basement, the east side foundation wall tilted in and it was pulled back and another concrete wall was placed beside it to help the issue, and the whole drainage system was replaced and cracks filled in and weatherproofing was put on all the foundation walls. Currently there is water seeping into the basement with three known areas that require attention. (pictures are available upon request)

Service / Work Requirements

- Due to the heritage nature of the Bralorne Church and grounds. This is a task that has to be done with great care!
- The three areas locations, depths and lengths are:
under the front entrance porch – 4’ deep x 12’ long
south wall at the bathroom area – 6’ deep x 8’ long
east inside corner walls – 6’ deep x 10’ long
- Excavate the 3 areas to just above the drainage system by machine. Expose the drainage system by hand for further inspection. Clean the foundation walls for inspection.
- Excavations to be done to WorkSafeBC standards.
- The removed dirt to be placed on tarps.
- Once exposed, analysis and work plan will be drawn up by the BRVCA Heritage Committee.
- Once the foundation walls and or drainage system remedial work is completed the task of the backfilling, raking and cleanup of the area can be completed.


A small machine would be preferred to perform this work along with hand digging.
Subcontracting will be allowed if required.
It would be preferred if the proponent had some foundation wall and drainage repair experience.
It is preferred that in-kind work or discount be provided as this is a community venture.
This Expression of Interest Contract will be a fixed price for time, materials, equipment and any out of pocket expenses.

Submission Guidelines
Proponent Organization / Profile / Technical Skills / Experience
Proponent shall identify relevant management, administrative, and financial capabilities as well as technical and necessary skills, qualifications, experience, and equipment that they consider appropriate to the evaluation of their ability to successfully undertake the proposed work and meet the Expression of Interest objectives.
WorkSafeBC Number will be required unless the proponent optionally and at the discretion of the BRVCA make the proponent an employee so that the proponent will work under the BRVCA’s WorkSafeBC Policy.
General Commercial Liability Insurance Policy must be submitted unless the proponent optionally and at the discretion of the BRVCA make the proponent an employee so that the proponent will work under the BRVCA’s General Commercial Liability Insurance Policy.
Proponents to submit their fixed price in their submission.

Submission of Proposal
Proponent shall submit a signed copy of the proposal either by mail, dropped off at the Gold Bridge Community Resource Building or via e-mail.
All proposals must be submitted to the BRVCA by April 12, 2019.
Mailing Address:
Gold Bridge Community Resource Building
104 Haylmore St.
Gold Bridge B.C.
V0K 1P0

Bridge River Valley Community Association’s e-mail address:

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