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Ec Dev Capacity Building Contractor


The Economic Development Committee of BRVCA is seeking a qualified and experienced economic development contractor to work on the following workplan.  The funding to do this work comes from the SLRD, via the NDIT Economic Capacity

Building Funding.

Regional Collaboration 

  •  Continue to build relationships with First Nations having traditional territories thatinclude the Bridge River Valley including invitation to visit and tour current experiences in the Bridge River Valley


Business Development, Retention & Expansion

A.    Potential Business Support (New or Growth)

  •  Provide support to investors/entrepreneurs consideringbusiness opportunities in the Bridge River Valley
  •  Support specific potential investors and business owners in information and data support
  •  Bradian owners – follow up

B.    Micro Business Development

  •  Interview Artisans to determine level of readiness for online – design training & Marketing
  •  Specific practical actions developed from 2018 Business Needs Survey to improve information, communication, advertising and/or identify what currently exists in an area identified for needing improvement


Economic Development Support

A.    Build relationships with those doing business in the Valley

·         Assist with development and delivery of MOU signing ceremony

·         Identify specific Mineral Exploration and Mine business needs from the Community for 1, 3 and 10 yr. via 1/2 day workshop/meeting

B.     School Sustainability

  •  Support working group with advice to & implementation of their workplan
  •  Explore possible partnership opportunities
  •  Promote with visiting  travel media
  •  Follow up with Senior Marketing partners re Story Starter
  •  Follow up with Local Tourism Providers re Story Starter

C.   Access to the Valley

  •  Summarize business case for access improvements (collective contributions to the Provincial economy including tourism, forestry, mining, energy generation), consider MoT current investment  levels, postulate the opportunity cost of poor access through interview and defensible assumptions and define the ‘ask’ of government
  •  Develop Action Plan that includes not before tried tactics – lobbyist, video, etc.


The preferred contractor will have a very good knowledge of the Bridge River Valley and the economic situation.

The contractor must demonstrate ability to work in a complex multi-stakeholder environment.

Budget information can be obtained by emailing

Please submit and expression of interest to by April 22, 2019.  The position is currently

subject to final funding processes.

Housing Consultant


Bringing Stakeholders Together for Housing in Area A – Consultant required

The Economic Development Committee of the Bridge River Valley Community Association is seeking a a consultant/ facilitator, with a strong background in housing, to bring local area employers and key stakeholders together to establish a housing strategy to address the immediate and growing need for affordable, employment-related rental housing in the Bridge River Valley, which is located in Electoral Area A of the Squamish-Lillooet Regional District (SLRD).

The Bridge River Valley includes the communities of

Gold Bridge, Bralorne, Tyaughton Lake, Marshall Lake, Gun Lake, and Gun Creek Road.

This strategic planning project will lead to a bigger project to implement the strategy and construct the housing project.

The expected outcome of this initiative is to have an implementable plan that encompasses the priorities and values of all local area employers and key stakeholders, which will enable the community to move forward with a housing action plan.

Indicators of success. The creation of a viable housing action plan with clear directives on how to meet the housing needs for the area will set the course for the future of this project and will be a measurable indicator of success.

Communities and businesses throughout the Bridge River Valley are feeling the negative effects of an increasing shortage of rental accommodations. This project – hiring a consultant/facilitator to bring local area employers and key stakeholders together to develop an implementable plan to address the critical housing shortage – will encompass all of the program objectives to form a solution. At present, local area employers are having a hard time establishing a workforce due to lack of accommodations for direct employees and their families. An implementable rental housing plan will support ongoing community efforts in attracting and retaining a new and existing workforce, youth, employers, and investors. This project will increase capacity for younger generations to return and stay in the rural communities they grew up in, as well as support job creation and fresh ideas.

Key milestones of this project include:

  •  Hire a consultant/facilitator
  •  Engage all local area employers, key stakeholders, including local government
  •  Host five community visits for meetings with local area employers and key stakeholders
  •  Identify lands suitable for employment related rental housing units
  •  Create a budget for project implementation phase
  •  Establish an implementable housing strategy for Area A of the Squamish-Lillooet Regional District

Budget information can be obtained by emailing  This is a Rural Development project development stream project, funding is confirmed however is subject to agreement between SLRD and BRVCA being completed.

Please submit an expression of interest including key skills and experiences by April 22, 2019 to

Tyax Kitchen Positions

Tyax Lodge & Heliskiing

Tyax Lodge & Heliskiing invites you to join our culinary team for the summer 2019 season. Employment with Tyax will provide you the opportunity to develop new culinary skills while saving money and enjoying the ultimate summer experience. Cooks will work in a remote setting and create a unique experience for our guest. This is a unique opportunity that will allow you to diversify your culinary techniques and execute high-quality production.
Employees are encouraged to enjoy the wilderness, adventure in the mountains, or relax in our luxurious spa. This summer, escape the city and enjoy breathtaking views of the Chilcotin Mountains.

Click on the following links for more information about each position.

Chef de Partie

Pastry Chef

Sous Chef

Junior Sous Chef

Lead Breakfast Chef

Dishwasher Prep Cook

Tyax Housekeeping Attendant


Church Foundation Wall EOI


Objective / Purpose
The objective of this Expression of Interest (EOI) is to expose the exterior foundation walls and drainage system in 3 identified areas, where they are cracked and water is seeping into the basement.
Key Dates
This objective is to be completed by May 10, 2019 and dependent on favorable ground conditions. On completion of the foundation and drainage system remedial work backfill the excavations, rake and clean up the area where work was performed.

The church foundation has had some modifications in the past as it was raised   at one point to make a basement, the east side foundation wall tilted in and it was pulled back and another concrete wall was placed beside it to help the issue, and the whole drainage system was replaced and cracks filled in and weatherproofing was put on all the foundation walls. Currently there is water seeping into the basement with three known areas that require attention. (pictures are available upon request)

Service / Work Requirements

- Due to the heritage nature of the Bralorne Church and grounds. This is a task that has to be done with great care!
- The three areas locations, depths and lengths are:
under the front entrance porch – 4’ deep x 12’ long
south wall at the bathroom area – 6’ deep x 8’ long
east inside corner walls – 6’ deep x 10’ long
- Excavate the 3 areas to just above the drainage system by machine. Expose the drainage system by hand for further inspection. Clean the foundation walls for inspection.
- Excavations to be done to WorkSafeBC standards.
- The removed dirt to be placed on tarps.
- Once exposed, analysis and work plan will be drawn up by the BRVCA Heritage Committee.
- Once the foundation walls and or drainage system remedial work is completed the task of the backfilling, raking and cleanup of the area can be completed.


A small machine would be preferred to perform this work along with hand digging.
Subcontracting will be allowed if required.
It would be preferred if the proponent had some foundation wall and drainage repair experience.
It is preferred that in-kind work or discount be provided as this is a community venture.
This Expression of Interest Contract will be a fixed price for time, materials, equipment and any out of pocket expenses.

Submission Guidelines
Proponent Organization / Profile / Technical Skills / Experience
Proponent shall identify relevant management, administrative, and financial capabilities as well as technical and necessary skills, qualifications, experience, and equipment that they consider appropriate to the evaluation of their ability to successfully undertake the proposed work and meet the Expression of Interest objectives.
WorkSafeBC Number will be required unless the proponent optionally and at the discretion of the BRVCA make the proponent an employee so that the proponent will work under the BRVCA’s WorkSafeBC Policy.
General Commercial Liability Insurance Policy must be submitted unless the proponent optionally and at the discretion of the BRVCA make the proponent an employee so that the proponent will work under the BRVCA’s General Commercial Liability Insurance Policy.
Proponents to submit their fixed price in their submission.

Submission of Proposal
Proponent shall submit a signed copy of the proposal either by mail, dropped off at the Gold Bridge Community Resource Building or via e-mail.
All proposals must be submitted to the BRVCA by April 12, 2019.
Mailing Address:
Gold Bridge Community Resource Building
104 Haylmore St.
Gold Bridge B.C.
V0K 1P0

Bridge River Valley Community Association’s e-mail address:

Maintenance Support Worker

Maintenance Support

The Bridge River Valley Community Assoc. is seeking a contractor as a Maintenance Support Worker.

The contract will provide a yearly retainer of $2000 and would be for a minimum of 50 hours and up to 70 hours for the year as per the conditions set up below.  This is for an initial one year term from April 1 2019 to March 31, 2020 and may be extended a further year.

Please respond to with your expression of interest by March 31. Call Jenny at the office (250)238-2534 if you have questions and she will get the right person for you to speak to.

-Jobs that escalate beyond the retainer duties will be confirmed as such in writing and contractor will provide an estimate prior to completing the work

-Rate of pay will be $25 for non-tradesmen related tasks and $40 per hour for tradesmen related taks

-Sub Contracting will be permitting or seeking out another employees/contractor for BRVCA is encouraged

-Contractors providing services must maintain current Worksafe coverage and liability insurance.  In circumstances where a contractor does not carry Worksafe coverage or liability insurance, the BRVCA may, depending on the scope and type of service, choose to proceed with a contract under the BRVCA Worksafe BC and Liability Insurance


-Assist with developing bidding document for projects

-First Right of Refusal of projects within scope of contractor’s expertise

-On Call (within reason) when an extra set of hands are needed

-On Call (within reason) for small or emergent issues when assistance is required

Gold Bridge Refuse Containers

-May 15 to October 15 Empty refuse, take to transfer station (petty cash), recyleables to school

-Lock up and unlock refuse containers May 15 and October 15

Community Resource Building 

-Modify the schedule for the thermostat as needed to ensure we are not overpaying and don’t freeze and to ensure basement

Temperature stays above zero


-May – put up canvas frame and tent

-May -  add water/re-water gold panning trough, add clean sand if needed

-Oct – take down canvas frame and tent, ensure stored safely and dryly at the CRB

-October – set up mouse and rat traps – monitor 3 times over the winter

Bralorne Pioneer Mines Office

-Be on call for emergency/urgent type calls (breaker blows for example)

-Basic maintenance for laundry machines, smoke alarms etc.


-Ensure water is turned on a stand pile (April 15 ish)(except right now as we have a drainage issue)

-Ensure water is  turned off and blown out correctly


Replenish basic supplies – river rock, lava ash and keep an eye on landscape cloth


Damage patrol

Sand and Restain any areas of graffiti as needed

Once a year clean plexiglass (take off to do both sides), no specific schedule can be

Done as is convenient

Porta Potties

Move porta potties and return as needed (mileage extra)

Report back re cleanliness etc.


Community Groundskeeper

Community Groundskeeper – Contract

 Period of Contract:  May 1, 2019-September 30,2019 and  May 1, 2020 to September 30, 2020

Contract Description and Deliverables:

The title of this position will be:  Community Assets Groundskeeper

The contract is intended to manage, coordinate and undertake basic yard and other minor maintenance for community amenities.

The holder of the contract is permitted to undertake managerial and leadership tasks related to accomplishing the deliverables of the contract in the name of the Bridge River Valley Community Association.

The holder of the contract is permitted to sub-contract actual yard maintenance type activities.

The holder of the contractor is encouraged to also advertise and organize volunteer work bees and community days to accomplish deliverables of the contract.


Bralorne Pioneer Mines Office Building

o   Basic Weed whacking

·         Haylmore Site

o   Very basic weed whacking, clean up and trail maintenance.

o   Assessment of requirements for future yard maintenance

·         Base Ball Diamond

o     Cut lawns and water on a regular basis.

o     Assess and communicate any other minor maintenance needs to BCAC

·         Bralorne Community Hall

o     Basic mowing and weed whacking

·         Cemetary

o    Rake and clean, mow roadside area.

o   Request and itemize any specific improvements needed so funding can be applied for

·         Boultbee Memorial Church

o   Cut lawns

o   Maintain any trees or shrubbery

o   Water regularly

·         Gold bridge Entry Sign

o     Basic weed whacking, weeding

o     Assess and itemize any specific improvement needed so funding can be applied for or raised

·         Community Resource Centre

o     Cut lawns

o   Maintain flower beds

o    Water regularly

o     Assess and itemize an specific improvement needed so funding can be applied for.

·         Bralorne Fire Hall

  •  Basic Weedwacking and gardening

·         Bralorne Pioneer Museum -3767 Lillooet Pioneer Rd. 40 – Basic Weedwacking

·         Bralorne Labyrinth

o   Weed whack to a walkable state.

·         Tourist Information Kiosks – Gold Bridge Bridge, Tyaughton Lake Rd. junction & Yalakom Rd.

o   Basic weed whacking as required

Detailed quotation must be supplied by March 30, 2019 to    Contract will be awarded on the factors of skills, references or demonstrated reliability, demonstrated understanding of task and price.

House Cleaning

Help want for occasional domestic house cleaning at Gun Lake.  I need someone to clean house, bedding and towels at our Gun Lake cottage on Gun Lake Road West for a few days during the 2018 summer. Can pay $ 250 per day of cleaning, it may take 4 or 6 hours to clean.  Clothes washer and dryer on site. Please email Grant at ” “for further information. Thank you. Grant. Ad dated May 18, 2018

Construction Work

Construction Work is both residential (living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, exteriors, decks) as well as commercial/industrial.

Finish & Rough Carpentry: Measure, cut and apply all reconstruction materials, including baseboards, sub-floors, casings, closets, doors, windows and cabinets. Install insulation and vapour barrier.

Must have Transportation. Have a few tools.

Will pay $25.00 to $32.00 an hour, depending on experience

Please send resume or list of stuff you know and have done. Can start today


Garibaldi Construction
Gold Bridge, BC