Bridge River Valley Rod & Gun Club

The Bridge River Valley Rod & Gun Club promotes safe and ethical hunting, fishing & shooting sports in the valley.   They also operate the Bridge River Shooting Range at the La Joie Quarry located on the Saddle Road just past the transfer station.   Membership is required to use the shooting range.

Annual membership is from  Jan 1st to Dec 31st and costs $70 per year plus a key of $15
Membership cheques can be sent to the club at:

BRV Rod & Gun Club
General Delivery
Gold Bridge  BC  V0K 1P0

Contact Kevin Smith, Secretary/Treasurer at:




9 Comments to Bridge River Valley Rod & Gun Club

  1. Chris Carefoot says:

    Hi there, could you please email me the 2016 gun range membership form. Thank you

  2. Ken Jansons says:

    Hi :) when can we renew our membership fees? Thanks in advance

  3. Matthew Moolin says:


    Could i please have the gun club membership form please.


    Matthew Moolin

  4. daniel kalmokoff says:

    I sent a 40 dollar money order with my pal info and mailing address. where is my membership card

  5. Bob Bitner says:

    We would like to renew our membership, please advise how we can do this and get a new key

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