Monday, November 11th, 2019

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Ball Diamond EOI

Bralorne Baseball Diamond Dugout Rebuild Expression of Interest

Objective / Purpose
The object is to rebuild the Bralorne Ball Diamond Dugout in a similar style to the present structure.

Key Dates
Work to be completed between April 1st 2020 and July 1st 2020.

Background / History
The Bralorne Ball Diamond Committee is engaged in a program of upgrading the ball Diamond facilities. The present dugout is old, in a state of disrepair and unsafe. A tear down of the old structure and new rebuild in a similar style is required.

Service / Work Requirements

-All work to be done to Work Safe BC standards.
-A walk through of the work to be done must be carried out with the designated Bralorne Community Advisory Committee representative.
-Proponent will provide clear description of problem to be solved or services required.
-Proponent will explain important relationship issues and what both parties are expected to bring to the table.
-Proponent will spell out details concerning quality and performance standards required.
-Proponent will pay for and obtain relevant SLRD building permit. Cost to be included in price.
-Proponent will arrange for a machine tear down of existing structure.
-Proponent will remove materials that are not reusable and dispose of properly at the Transfer Station or through other legal means and a final cleanup of the project area.
-Proponent will arrange to machine excavate the new Dugout’s site as required. Approximate 180 sq. ft.
-Proponent is responsible for shipping in building materials.
-Proponent will rebuild old structure to agreed on design including replacement of dangerous steps.
-Proponent will provide an indication on timelines i.e. target dates related to delivery of the service.

- Structure and stairs to be built to the latest BC Building Code.
- Subcontracting will be allowed if required.
- Volunteers will also be permitted to help with this EOI.
- Detailed invoice and receipts documentation for materials, shipping, subcontractor, and rentals must be kept for the entire project and submitted to the Chair of the BCAC Ball Diamond Subcommittee.

- Proponent to provide a fixed price which will include: Planning, material cost, shipping, dismantling and disposal of old dugout and stairs, construction of new dugout and stairs, labor costs, subcontracting, and rentals.
-BRVCA has a once a month payment day, payment will be made on next payment day after submission of the documentation, invoices and receipts after approval by the Chair of the BCAC Ball Diamond Subcommittee.

Scope of Service or Work Change
If the scope of service or work changes for any unforeseen reason, the Chair of the BCAC Ball Diamond Committee has to approve the scope change.


Submission Guidelines:
Proponent Organization / Profile / Technical Skills / Experience
-Proponent shall identify relevant management, administrative, and financial capabilities as well as technical and necessary skills, qualifications, experience, and equipment that they consider appropriate to the evaluation of their ability to successfully undertake the proposed contract and meet the ROI objectives.
-WorkSafeBC Number will be required unless the proponent optionally and at the discretion of the BRVCA make the proponent an employee so that the proponent will work under the BRVCA’s WorkSafeBC Policy.
-General Commercial Liability Insurance Policy must be submitted unless the proponent optionally and at the discretion of the BRVCA make the proponent an employee so that the proponent will work under the BRVCA’s General Commercial Liability Insurance Policy.

Submission of Proposal
-Proponent shall submit a signed copy of the proposal either by mail, dropped off at the Gold Bridge Community Resource Building or via e-mail.
-All proposals must be submitted to the BRVCA by January 1st 2020.
Mailing Address:
Gold Bridge Community Resource Building
104 Haylmore St.
Gold Bridge B.C.
V0K 1P0

Bridge River Valley Community Association’s e-mail address: