August, 2018

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Logging Activity Update

The following is an update of Aspen Planers harvesting activities in the Bridge River Valley heading into the September long weekend. 

Our harvesting crews are located throughout the valley in the following locations: 

Bridge Mainline/Downton Lake 
Liza Creek 
La Rochelle/Yalakom 

Continue to expect logging truck traffic Monday to Friday on Road 40 with the possibility of some minor weekend trucking.  Travel leaving Lillooet for Goldbridge after 5 pm daily will reduce the amount of crew and log truck encounters.  Travelers coming into the valley via the Hurley can expect truck traffic until 4 pm daily.  After 4 pm truck traffic should be done for the day but there is the possibility of traffic after 4 in the event of breakdowns or low-bedding. 

Aspen will be stockpiling wood at the old rock quarry near the Goldbridge transfer station.  Trucks will be turning off the Hurley FSR and traveling up the road towards Gun Lake.  Extra caution is advisable near the Hurley/Gun Lake Road junction as the trucks will be moving very slowly at this intersection. 

Truck traffic will be steady throughout the summer on the Marshall/Mud road system moving wood out of Liza Creek.  Trucks will also be entering Road 40 just west of the Yalakom Bridge out of the La Rochelle/Moha FSR. 

Brushing and road upgrades will be completed on the Bonanza road over the next couple of months, expect delays and road closures for bridge works. 

There will be road upgrades and construction in the Kingdom/Cadwallader road system.  Expect road closures or delays throughout the valley. 

Any questions or comments can be sent to me directly. 


Bill Poppy, R.F.T.
Aspen Planers Ltd.
Lillooet Woodlands Division

Office  1-250-256-5216
Cell      1-250-256-9335