July, 2018

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Logging update from Aspen Planers

The following is an update of Aspen Planers harvesting activities in the Bridge River Valley heading into the August long weekend.  Our harvesting crews are located throughout the valley in the following locations:

Bridge Mainline/Downton Lake
Liza Creek
La Rochelle/Yalakom

Continue to expect logging truck traffic Monday to Friday on Road 40 with the possibility of some minor weekend trucking. Travel leaving Lillooet for Goldbridge after 5 pm daily will reduce the amount of crew and log truck encounters.  Travelers coming into the valley via the Hurley can expect truck traffic until 4 pm daily.  After 4 pm truck traffic should be done for the day but there is the possibility of traffic after 4 in the event of breakdowns or low-bedding.

Aspen will be stockpiling wood at the old rock quarry near the Goldbridge transfer station.  Trucks will be turning off the Hurley FSR and traveling up the road towards Gun Lake.  Extra caution is advisable near the Hurley/Gun Lake Road junction as the trucks will be moving very slowly at this intersection.

Truck traffic will be steady throughout the summer on the Marshall/Mud road system moving wood out of Liza Creek.  Trucks will also be entering Road 40 just west of the Yalakom Bridge out of the La Rochelle/Moha FSR.

Brushing and road upgrades on the Slim FSR, expect delays.

Brushing and road upgrades on the Bonanza road over the next couple of months, expect delays and road closures for bridge works.

Seasonal deactivation will be completed on the new roads where we harvested last winter in the Marshall area.

Any questions or comments can be sent to me directly.


Bill Poppy, R.F.T.
Aspen Planers Ltd.
Lillooet Woodlands Division

Office  1-250-256-5216
Cell      1-250-256-9335


July Community Advisory

What a fantastic July long weekend leading us headlong into summer! In one weekend we had a major ball tournament in Bralorne, a huge Canada day celebration and an “Italian Days” fundraiser for the Gun Lake Boat Launch. And we’ve only just begun!!!!!!!

National Historic Day Events

Saturday, July 7 is National Historic Day in Canada
Here is what you can do to win $1,000
Cemetery Plot Cleanup July 7, 9:30-11:30 Bridge River Valley Cemetery (Gold Bridge)
- Volunteers and family members are needed to clean up plots (weeding, getting rid of old flowers, etc).
Haylmore Heritage Site
- Pan for Gold FREE all day and Post a Selfie on Instagram with Will Haylmore, Hashtag #HISTORICPLACESDAY and tag @HaylmoreHeritageSite for your entry to win $1000
Bralorne Pioneer Museum
- FREE Entry all day. Lemonade, ice tea & cookies FREE all day. Post a selfie on Instagram with Hastag #HISTORICPLACESDAY AND tag @BralornePioneerMuseum for your entry to win $1000.

Kid’s Camp

3 day Kid’s Camp – July 26, 27, 28 – Bike Rodeo, Nature and Bear Awareness, Culture Day
Get all the details here: http://brvca.ca/summer-kids-camp/

Laura Grizzly Paws

Don’t miss Laura…. FREE!
Saturday, July 28 at 1 pm. Please register at this link due to limited seating! http://brvca.ca/laura-grizzlypaws/

Senior’s Lunch (55 plus)

FREE! Our Monthly Senior’s Lunch is July 22 at the Gold Bridge Community Club. Join us for a laugh and some good food!

Help your Community!

Do you know something about FireSmart, Bears, Invasives? Just like to walk around and meet neighbors? LRISS is looking for volunteers to go along with their staff as they deliver packages in each of the neighborhoods.
More info here: http://bit.ly/2KIMG2h

Help your Museum!

Do you have three hours to spare?   Looking for docents (guides basically, we teach you) and collection management help (computer stuff) in July.  Sign up with your name & email at the July calendar here:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1fCgaBK-th7q8LqwqfKRPJH2RgXv5aS_RswOWHDyzccU/edit?usp=sharing

Help your Community!

Heritage Committee Meeting, Tuesday July 10 9 am to 11 am Community Resource Building or Toll Free Teleconference.
Bralorne Community Advisory Committee – fresh off a very successful Ball Tournament – Thursday, July 12 6:30 pm Bralorne FireHall

Laura Grizzlypaws

Laura Grizzlypaws……

A very special presentation























Laura was born and raised in Lillooet, British Columbia in the Interior Plateau region, she is of St’át’imc

descent. Her St’át’imc name is “Stálhalamcen – Grizzly Paws,” She belongs to the people of Xwisten the

Bear Clan. She is a mother of three sons “Míxalhcen” (“Bear Paw”), “Skwel’tapis” (“Horse with the color

of the Golden Sun”) and “Specwits’a7 (Blown Paint on a Horse”) and her daughter Sulyalesta (to have

her own dance).

At the age of sixteen, Laura began to relearn the St’át’imc traditions her passion grew stronger in

education and the heritage of her people it became a way of life. She is a dancer, drummer and a

singer/songwriter, an academic, educator and a language and cultural advocate.

The experiences in her education provided her with the knowledge and skills with a focus on providing

her recipients with the highest quality of cultural education based on the values and needs of the

community while meeting the deliverables of the organization or project goals. Thorough knowledge of

education and cultural values make way for a clear vision of the cultural expressions of the St’át’imc

songs, oral traditions, storytelling, dances and the social interactions of the people.

The creative metaphorical relationship of the spirit of the bear to Laura is an expression of the art of

walking in two worlds and balancing the physical with the spiritual.

“I walked where the Grizzly Bear dances. I feel his pleasure, excitement and freedom on the earth

and in the wind that carries his messages from the past. I dance where the Grizzly Bear danced

his steps leaving an ancestral footprint on the land like a cellular memory in my blood. His face is

a shadow that calls to me as the wind calls his name “St’álhalam.” The Grizzly Bear he sings his

songs as we unite under his skin. I now walk where he left his ancestral footprints. I heard his

prayer, I felt his pain; I am his anger; I am his hope; I am his faith. He now dances upon the earth,

now, only where I leave my ancestral footprints.”

Her education background consists of a Masters of Education in Education Foundation Land Based

Education(2011); Bachelor of General Studies Degree Double Minor Linguistics & First Nation

Studies(2007); Bachelor of Education Degree in Curriculum Development & Instruction (2007);

Professional Development Teaching Certificate (2006); Language Proficiency Certificate (2003);

Counselling & Wellness Certificate (2003). Laura was also granted a Language Heroes award for the

British Columbia Salishan language family. Her educational accomplishments gained were made possible

through the balance of traditional and spiritual practices of her St’át’imc cultural heritage.

Laura believes in diversity – education must meet the standards of diverse tribes and communities;

Culture – the importance of culturally determined ways of thinking, communicating and living; Respect -

the relationship between the individual and the group recognized as mutually empowering; Vitality -

recognition of the strength of Indigenous people and culture; Place – the importance of sense of place,

land and territory; and Transformation – commitment to personal and societal change.

Seating is limited, please preregister here:


Click to see Laura Grizzlypaws on Facebook

Summer Kids Camp

Learn, Create and Experience in the Bridge River Valley this Summer!

Please register your younger children/yourself if you are attending as a separate registration, scroll down for registration form. Waiver form will be provided at camp’s start.