June, 2018

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Aspen Planers Update

The following is an update of Aspen Planers harvesting activities in the Bridge River Valley heading into the July long weekend. 

Our harvesting crews are located throughout the valley in the following locations: 

Bridge Mainline 
Liza Creek 
La Rochelle 

Continue to expect logging truck traffic Monday to Friday on Road 40 with the possibility of some minor weekend trucking.  Travel leaving Lillooet for Goldbridge after 5 pm daily will reduce the amount of crew and log truck encounters.   

Truck traffic will be steady throughout the summer on the Marshall/Mud road system.  There will be heavy traffic coming out of the Bridge River Mainline entering the Hurley FSR at the 4 km.  Trucks will be entering the road between Goldbridge and Bralorne traveling down into Goldbridge.  Trucks will also be entering Road 40 just west of the Yalakom bridge out of the La Rochelle/Moha FSR. 

We will be stockpiling some wood at the old rock quarry near the Goldbridge transfer station.  Trucks will be turning off the Hurley FSR and traveling up the road towards Gun Lake.  Extra caution is advisable near the Hurley junction as the trucks will be moving very slowly at this intersection. 

There will be some brushing and road upgrades on the Slim FSR over the next month to access a new area that we may start logging later in the summer. 

Any questions or comments can be sent to me directly. 


Bill Poppy, R.F.T.
Aspen Planers Ltd.
Lillooet Woodlands Division

Office  1-250-256-5216
Cell      1-250-256-9335


Live Play Contest


June 16 Community Advisory

Tomorrow is the Father’s Day Community Market & Strawberry Shortcake!

Sunday, June 17 at Haylmore Heritage Site.  Come sell anything including your garage sale stuff.  FREE tables.  12-4

There will also be Strawberry Shortcake for Dads and Families, bannock dogs, cookies, and MORE  with HOT Coffee!

Fun games – Bocce – which is awesome at Haylmore, Bean Bag Toss and Horseshoes.  


Canada Day is coming soon!

Now’s the time to plan your parade entry !  From the bizarre to the “fairly normal” , ALL entries are welcome.

We also have two very key volunteer roles that need filling – Parade Marshall – basically a one hour job making

Sure everyone lines up correctly and makes their way down the street safely.  And…Community Hosts…for

Greet public and some other jobs (2 hours).  Can you get your Canadian on and help us?

See the link for complete details on our Canada Day Celebrations – Marble Canyon playing at both Canada Day

And Bralorne Ball Tournament:  http://brvca.ca/canada-day-2018/


Rock Wall Restoration at Haylmore Heritage Site

The community is invited to learn how to build and restore rock walls at the Haylmore Heritage Site.

Saturday and Sunday, June 23 and 24. Once you are trained, volunteer teams with schedule times to do

Specific section repairs.  We anticipate the full project may take a couple of years.  We need your help.

This is a wonderful opportunity to make a unique and lasting contribution

To our community.  Details here: http://brvca.ca/rock-wall-workshop/


Great Canadian Giving Challenge

From June 1 to June 30, every $1 donated to the Museum enters them for a chance to win $10,000.

Last year a small organization in Edmonton, an animal shelter, won the $10,000.  The museum is using this

Funding to build new exhibits for our new location at the Bralorne Pioneer Museum.  Additionally, the Museum

Needs to fundraise approximately $7,000 just to keep the doors open through the summer.  We need your help.

This is our major fundraising drive of the year.  Donate here – ANY amount is welcome:  https://www.canadahelps.org/en/gcgc/83988

Tax deductible, charitable tax receipts are available right away!


Cemetery Plot cleanup – National Historic Day

Advance Notice – Saturday, July 7 9:30-11:30  For Family Members and other Volunteers

The plots of people buried at the Bridge River Valley Cemetery need tending.  While we have someone who

Looks after the basic yard maintenance at the cemetery, the care of the actual plots is sensitive and time consuming.

The cleanup will include pulling weeds, removing old and decayed adornments (plastic flowers) and assessing the rock

Borders to see if they need to be relaid.  If you have a family member in this Cemetery or are a sensitive and caring volunteer

We could use your help on July 7.  Please email Jenny at bridgerivervalley@gmail.com.

Advance Notice – Logging Trucks on Lillooet Pioneer Rd. 40 Bralorne to Gold Bridge and then out Rd. 40

Information here:  http://bit.ly/2LULKVz


JOB POSTINGS here: http://brvca.ca/category/job-opportunities/

Send us your jobs and we will post them and go to social media with them.  Large or small.

Great job at the mine, seasonal work at Tyax Adventures and Summer Student Jobs all posted right now – NOW!!!

June 5 Community Advisory

Bralorne Pioneer Museum participates in the Great Canadian Giving Challenge! 

For every $ you donate at the link in June, the Museum receives one entry in the change to win $10,000.  Click here to donate:  https://www.canadahelps.org/en/gcgc/83988

 You will receive a tax receipt automatically.  All funds received assist the Museum in its Collection Management and Exhibit Development program!


Bear Weekend in the upper Bridge River Valley – June 9 and 10

The South Chilcotin area has a growing grizzly bear population.  We also have a healthy population of black bears.

We have a great presentation scheduled Saturday night by a noted wildlife biologist.  Suitable for all ageas!  Click here for info: http://brvca.ca/bears-in-the-bridge-river-valley/

On Saturday and Sunday afternoon at the Haylmore Heritage Site, we have community hosts that will teach you how to use bear spray, one on one.  Bear spray will save you and the bear!  On Saturday, Jolene from Coast to Cascades Grizzly Bear Initiative will be there with loads of additional information and stuff for kids.  See here for information:  http://brvca.ca/bear-weekend/


Father’s Day Community Market, Sunday June 17 12-4

Bring your wares, be it garage sale material,  crafts, whatever you have to sell, your table and a chair and set up, free!  Strawberry Shortcake and tons of fun family games!  Haylmore Heritage Site


Canada Day is going to be great!

This year we have a band, Marble Canyon at both Canada Day and Ball Tournament Dance!

Mark your calendar!

Can you volunteer?  See the link:   http://brvca.ca/canada-day-volunteers/

Start planning your float ……the whackier the better!



Rock Wall Workshop


The community is invited to take part in a special opportunity to learn.  Thanks to funding from Heritage Legacy and the SLRD, BRVCA has engaged the services of professional stone mason Paul Coyle, who will lead a rock wall restoration workshop at the Haylmore Heritage Site.  Paul is a part-time Gun Laker with an interest in helping the community.  

Workshop participants will have the opportunity to work with him for hands on training, to gain knowledge of best practices, and how to work in a smart, safe manner.  To preserve the heritage values of the Haylmore site, the same techniques will be used as originally, and the same rocks.  Participants will gain the knowledge to maintain the walls after restoration.  Don’t miss this opportunity to gain skills and knowledge to help carry an important community asset forward into the future, and enhance your landscaping projects at home.

WHEN:  Saturday 23rd June and Sunday 24th June

WHERE:  Haylmore Heritage Site, Gold Bridge

WHAT TO BRING:  shovels, picks, hand rakes, trowels, boots (steel toe is best), wheelbarrows, string line, and gloves.  Extra string line and trowels will be on hand.  

Light refreshments will be provided.

Please RSVP to confirm attendance, either by phone at 250-238-2534, or by email to haylmore@bridgerivervalley.ca


Historic Haylmore Rock Walls


Haylmore Rock Walls today

Work needed to be done on Haylmore walls

Work needed to be done on Haylmore walls